Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)

CAS is the beating heart of IB. ​ In CAS, students use powers of analysis, outlook on others, and good planning skills they are honing in class to go into the community and discover how it all comes together.  CAS activities are expected at Cooper between September of junior year and February of senior year for Diploma Candidates only.  A guidebook is distributed early in the fall of junior year, accompanied by a series of training sessions.

It is hoped that CAS will help develop students to be --

  • Reflective thinkers – they understand their own strengths and limitations, identify goals and devise strategies for personal growth.
  • Willing to accept new challenges and roles.
  • Aware of themselves as members of communities with responsibilities towards each other and the environment.
  • Active participants in sustained, collaborative projects.
  • Balanced – they enjoy and find significance in a range of activities involving intellectual, physical, creative and emotional experiences. 

Students are trained in the Managebac on-line reporting system in early fall of junior year. They then propose the activity they wish to undertake on Managebac, along with the goals they hope to achieve, the amount of time they are likely to spend, whether the activity is  Creative, Active, or Service, or some combination, and a prediction of the learner outcomes (see link below).  Once they have started an on-going project, they reflect using the Managebac prompts every so often to chart their observations and growth.  There is regular feedback from the IB Diploma coordinator.
In February of senior year, a committee is formed to study the cumulative CAS work of senior Diploma candidates, to advise IB whether the student has fulfilled the letter and the spirit of the requirement.  Students whose portfolios are not adequate will be asked to augment their CAS work or rewrite their reflections by the end of spring break.  Failure to comply results in denial of the IB Diploma.

There are no longer any paper CAS forms to fill out. See the blue CAS guidebook distributed at the beginning of junior year for more questions and answers.

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