Meet Josie

Meet Josie
Posted on 11/06/2015
As a born leader, Josie Daly is one of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ remarkable students.

This Neill Elementary School fifth-grader is a self-starter who is always looking for a challenge. Her teacher, Dominic Duenas, says Josie’s self-confidence inspires her to do great things. 

In addition to shining in the classroom, Josie serves on the Student Council, and also brings the Neill Roadrunner mascot to life during pride assemblies. She and friends also formed a cheer squad to perform during those events – she enjoys responsibilities, embraces the role of an entrepreneur and says she wants to be a CEO someday.

“Good leaders know that people look up to them,” she says. “I would say I was born to be a leader. When kids get older, they don’t usually help younger kids. I do.”

Josie is Robbinsdale. At Robbinsdale Area Schools, we value the differences that make all of our students unique. We approach our work with individual focus on each and every student’s infinite potential. 

At Robbinsdale Area Schools, we invite all students to make their mark. Just like Josie. We are Robbinsdale Remarkable. #RASRemarkable