“Keep your EYES on the PRIZE.”

  • The staff welcomes new parents and students into the program. The program’s goal is to help students earn credits to either graduate or get into a position where graduation is once again possible.
  • “A” School is a student choice program for 11th and 12th grade Armstrong students; it is not a requirement for any student to enroll, nor do principals, counselors, or social workers place students into the program. In fact, there are so many applicants from the Armstrong student body that many consider it a privilege to be accepted into the program.
  • “A” School is a positive program with unique features such as: family environment, daily homeroom, three learning communities, and many traditions and celebrations.
  • “A” School is a three-semester program at a maximum.
  • “A” School staff is comprised of a director, three teachers, and an education assistant.
  • “A” School staff expects all students to:

               - come every day

               - do their best

               - tell the truth

               - respect themselves and others.

            If these program values are practiced, program staff can support students and make a positive difference.

  • “A” School has a saying, “One call does it all.” When a student is in “A” School, parents should no longer call the main office.  Heidi takes care of everything: attendance, requests, passes for appointments, etc. Call Heidi at 763-504-8955 and get to know her!
  • “A” School has its own attendance and grading policies (see handouts) which are different from the main school. Students who have difficulty adhering to policies put themselves in a position where staff may decide that returning to “A” School the following semester is not an option.
  • “A” School staff embraces positive change. If a student improves his/her performance and makes a strong effort to succeed, that change will be considered in the final decision regarding placement the following semester.

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