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"A" School

"A" School is a student choice alternative program located at Armstrong High School, helping students recover credits toward high school graduation.  The program’s goal is to help students earn credits to either graduate or get into a position where graduation is once again possible.

"A" School has a family-like environment with small class sizes, and focuses on student/teacher/family collaboration to prepare students for lifelong learning. "A" School is staffed by a director, three teachers and an education assistant.

Interested students may be:

  • struggling in classes
  • not attending
  • considering withdrawing from school
  • behind in credits

"Remember, the tassel is worth the hassle!"


Program office: 763-504-8955

Brent Olson

Program Information

“A” School is a positive program with daily homeroom, three learning communities and many traditions and celebrations. Students in may be enrolled for a maximum of three-semesters, and the program is open to Armstrong students in grades 11 and 12. It is not a requirement for any student to enroll, nor do principals, counselors or social workers place students into the program. Credits are earned in English, science, social studies, math, health and limited electives. Students pursue afternoon options in "A" School, main school, post-secondary and/or work experience.

Student Expectations

“A” School staff expects all students to:

  • Come every day
  • Do their best
  • Tell the truth
  • Respect themselves and others.

If these program values are practiced, program staff can support students and make a positive difference.