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The Armstrong High School counselors and support staff are available to help students with educational planning, personal and social growth, career planning and decision making.  Students are welcome to stop in the Guidance Office before school or between classes to make an appointment to meet with their counselor and/or support staff.

Information and Registration Night

Wednesday Feb. 3, 2021 6pm-7:30 PM

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Flyer for Registration


Virtual Guidance Office

The Armstrong support staff now have a virtual guidance office with resources for students and families. Students and families can request virtual appointments with their counselor or other support staff.

Virtual Guidance Office

Records Request

Student records requests should be faxed to the Guidance Office. Fax number: 763-504-8767

ACT Test Information

The ACT (American College Test) is a national college admissions examination.  The ACT is administered on six national test dates in September, October, December, February, April and June. Students.  Students can sign-up on-line (only) on  ACT website. 

At Armstrong, the ACT is taken by all juniors at school in early April. This test is FREE for our juniors; students do not need to register for the test.


Antiwan Easley
Counselor (Grade 9: A-K)
763-504-8823  |

Jamie Dukowitz
Counselor (Grade 9: L-Z)
763-504-8824  |

Melinda Vogel
Counselor (Grade 10)
763-504-8825  |

Arianna Crosby
Counselor (Grade 11)
763-504-8822  |

Marilou Exner 
Counselor (Grade 12)
763-504-8837  |

Sarah Hazledine
Counseling Registrar
763-504-8819  |

School-Based Mental Health Services

Through a community partnership with People Incorporated and a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Armstrong has an on-site school-based mental health therapist.  If you have questions or concerns about your student's social-emotional behavior and would like to access school based mental health services, please contact your student's guidance counselor or our People Incorporated therapist, Carla Sachiko-Wilson, at 651-368-1462. You could also call the Central Access number at 651-774-0011 to schedule an intake right away. 

Carla Sachiko-Wilson 
People Inc. Therapist
651-368-1462  |

Additional counseling/support staff