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Stamp (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency)

10th -12th Graders

Do you speak another language?  Do you read and write in another language, too?  If so, you can earn a Bilingual Seal by taking a language proficiency test right here at Armstrong High School.  For more information and how to register, please watch this video or read through this slide deck.  To hear student testimonies, check out slides 1 and 12.   

Please note registration for the STAMP Bilingual Seals test is a two-step process:  

  1.  Go to your school store on Infinite Campus to purchase the test. 

  2. Complete this Google form.    

Registration for the STAMP Bilingual Seals Test runs from October 6th -November 3rd.  No late registrations are accepted.

STAMP testing will run from November 27th-December 15th.  The exact dates will be emailed to registrants by November 10th.

The STAMP Bilingual Seals testing dates at Armstrong High School are:
11/27/23:  8:35-11:30 AM
11/28/23:  8:35-11:30 AM
11/29/23:  8:35-11:30 AM
12/4/23:  12:30-3:25 PM

12/5/23: 12:30-3:25 PM
12/6/23: 12:30-3:25 PM

Plan on taking at least two testing sessions to complete the test; however, you can have as much time as needed to complete the test. That is why there are several dates listed.  

Please come to the Language Lab  with a fully charged chromebook on Monday 11/27/23 for the first testing session.  Everyone will begin the test on the same day.  

Your attendance will be accounted for; however, you will need to make up any classwork you miss.