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The purpose of the Armstrong cheerleading team is to create a positive and encouraging experience for Armstrong students, families, and athletes at varsity sporting events. We also aim to promote AHS Falcon pride and positivity on and off the field/court.
As cheerleaders, we represent Armstrong High school and its core values at sporting events, school functions, and community gatherings both in and out of uniform. As a team we value Cooperation, Hard work, Enthusiasm, Empathy, Respect, Leadership, Equity, Altruism, Dedication, Encouragement, and Resilience.

We are Armstrong - We are Cheerleaders!

Members of the Armstrong Cheerleading Team learn a number of physical skills including cheers, jumps, and stunting. They also learn life skills such as leadership, time management, communication, and teamwork. When students leave the cheerleading program with these skills they will be well-rounded student athletes who are prepared for the future.

Cheerleading Squad at Football Game 2022

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