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football state quarterfinals

State Football Quarterfinals 5AAAAA

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The Armstrong Football Program is operated to enhance the students' overall development in the Armstrong community. We will seek to cultivate the growth of all our student-athletes academically, socially and athletically. The program encourages self-discipline, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and personal integrity that develop character and lifelong values that each student-athlete can draw upon for future success. We will serve as a positive force for our administration, staff, students, parents and community.

Our goal will be to compete and try to win every week, but this is not our purpose. Our purpose is to develop young athletes of character and integrity who have a strong work ethic. We are committed to investing in the lives of our student-athletes by holding them accountable in the classroom and in our community. Our purpose is to support our student athletes to reach their highest potential in all areas of their lives.

2022-23 AHS football
armstrong football on field
armstrong football on field
armstrong football on field
armstrong football on field
armstrong football on field
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