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My coaching philosophy is base on experiential learning. Being a former student athlete it is crucial that I am able to teach and create leaders through my past experience. Being able to show the in and outs of the life of a student athlete allows me to pass important knowledge on to young athletes on how the can shape their future in the classroom and on the field. My core values are respect, team work, unity through cohesion in team bonding and team work on and off the field. It is important for me to be a transformational leader who is open to listen and lead when needed. Creating the right balance allows players to properly develop as coaches listen and use the information provided to engage in the student-athlete to get the best performance at all times.

I coach because I want to use experiential learning to connect young student-athletes to the class room and athletics the right way. Also, connecting student-athletes to college programs through scholarships to pursue other academic and athletic endeavors.

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