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The Armstrong High School Swimming & Diving program is focused on helping athletes reach their highest potential, both in and out of the pool. We believe it is a privilege to participate in an athletic program. All athletes are expected to abide by the guidelines of the athletic office and by the rules and regulations of the sport. Students are expected to follow the rules of the athletic code from the time they join their first athletic team, until the time they graduate. Athletes will learn qualities such as self-confidence, self-motivation, enthusiasm, self-discipline, courage, commitment, optimism, and respect. We expect that every athlete leaves the program with life-long skills that will benefit them throughout all life experiences.

Team Philosophy
Participating in high school athletics is a large commitment of your time. We place value on the following:

  • Being a member of our team is personally rewarding and fun.
  • The team is before the individual athlete, but team improvement is driven by personal improvement. We place great value in personal improvement, whether that be improving your time in swimming races or increasing your points in diving.
  • Every practice and meet requires great effort and often won't be physically comfortable. This effort will give you a sense of accomplishment when the hard work turns into higher personal performance.
  • Our main goal is to succeed in and out of the pool as a team. To accomplish this goal, it is expected all athletes stay positive and supportive of one another throughout the entire season.

Coaching the Falcons has been one of the most rewarding coaching positions I have held in my career. The athletes are a family, they are kind, they are extremely hard working, they are the types of athletes a coach wants to have. I coach to help them become well rounded adults, to be a person they can come to and be there for the moment where it just all clicks for them. Swimming teaches athletes life skills outside of the pool. It teaches kids to time manage, to stress manage, to commit and work hard towards a goal, how to win and also how to deal with hard work but end in a loss, how to find the good in a situation otherwise discouraging. Being part of that journey is why I come everyday.

Team Details

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