Secondary Instructional Model

Middle and High School:

Co-taught Classes [grades 6-12]:  These classes are planned and led by two teachers -- one content area teacher, and one EL teacher.  Many teachers have common PLC with the content area in which they co-teach. Efforts are made to give co-teaching pairs common planning time during our outside the school day.         

Sheltered Content Classes [grades 9-12]:  Content teachers instruct ELs grouped by proficiency in content classes.  Offerings are based on scheduling, levels, and student numbers. Sheltered instruction teachers should have training on scaffolding for content and second language acquisition strategies.

Stand Alone EL Classes [grades 6-12]:  EL students receive stand-alone services either by language proficiency or grade level.  These classes are taught by EL teachers and address specific language needs through grade-level standards in the core content areas.