AP at Armstrong High School

Advanced Placement (AP), a program sponsored by the College Board, gives high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses in high school. Taking AP courses can help students acquire habits, time management skills and critical thinking skills needed to be successful in college.  Students will strengthen expository writing skills, non-fiction reading skills, and problem-solving skills.  Based on scores of AP Exams, given in May of each year, students may earn college credit, advanced placement in college, or both.  Earning college credit in high school saves money, and gives students in college the opportunity to take more upper-level coursework, graduate earlier, or study abroad.  

AP tests are scored on a 1-5 scale:

  • 5—extremely well qualified
  • 4—well qualified
  • 3—qualified
  • 2—possibly qualified
  • 1—no recommendation

Although each college determines its own policy for awarding AP credit, most colleges give advanced placement for scores of 3 or better and most also give credit for scores of 4 or 5.  No credit or advanced placement is given for scores of 1 or 2.

Interested students should make an appointment with Paul Dotter, AP Coordinator, who oversees the AP Program at Armstrong to talk about course options, coursework, and any possible preparation for courses.

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AP Exam Registration


Paul Dotter
AP Coordinator
Armstrong High School