Passport to the Arts FAQ

PoseterWhat is Passport to the Arts?
Passport is a program sponsored by CAPP (Comprehensive Arts Planning Program) that is designed to get kids and families out to see performances and arts events in our district.

Who participates?
Currently, all students in grades 1-5 receive a Passport.

How do I get stickers?
When you go to an event, look for a table in the lobby with a large green passport. See the person at the table for your sticker.

What if there’s no one giving out stickers?
If there is no one available to give out stickers at a Passport event, send a note or program to your student’s elementary or middle school music teacher, and the teacher will give your student a sticker for their passport.

How do I know where and when the events are?
Check with your school music teacher, or click here for a list of district art events.

What’s the Wild Card about?
The Wild Card space is for an event that is outside the district. For example, if you saw a production at a local theater company, or went to a choir concert in another district, you could get credit on the Wild Card space. Simply send a note or a program to your child’s music teacher.

What should I do when all my spaces are filled up?
Turn in your Passport to your music teacher. They will be collected from each building in late May. If you complete the Passport earlier, you can turn it in early, but make sure to have it in when your teacher collects them!

What happens when I turn it in?
Your name will be entered in a drawing for prizes, depending on how many stickers you have earned throughout the year. Some of the prizes change from year to year, so you never know what you’re going to get!

What if I lose my Passport?
If you lose your Passport, see your music teacher. There are a few extras. However, we cannot replace stickers, so you will have to start over with your sticker collection.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Molly Olson, Program Assistant, Education Service Center:763-504-8033; molly_olson@rdale.org