Birth Through Two

Services for students from birth through 2 years 11 months are typically provided in the home by a primary service provider (teacher or therapist). The primary service provider is selected based on your child’s needs and is the link between the home and school services. The primary service provider is also a member of a trans disciplinary team of professionals who serve your child and may include an Early Childhood Special Education teacher, Speech/Language Pathologist, Autism Resource Specialist, Behavior Specialist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, and Service Coordinator. The primary service provider works with the child and the family/caregivers. Parents will learn intervention techniques that can be incorporated into their daily routine. These parent-child interactions throughout the day provide the learning experiences that enhance the development of the infant or toddler. Emphasis is placed on serving the child in the home or in another familiar environment, such as the daycare. Children learn more readily when they are most comfortable. Activities are designed by incorporating materials available in the child’s environment and used during their daily routines. Center-based classes may also be available for some students. ECSE parenting groups are also open to all families.