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Advanced Placement Registration Information

Hello AP Students, Parents and Families,

Fall Registration Timeline/AP Classroom:
This year the AP Exam registration deadline for all full year AP classes is November 11th, 2020. Yes, that is really early for AP Exams that will take place in May 2021! Students who register and pay for their AP exam fees before the November 11th deadline will pay $60 for each exam. After the November 11th deadline, all exams will cost students $90 per exam. This is due to a late registration fee, which was instituted by the College Board last year.

AP exam registration is a two-step process:
** Step One: Each student joins the AP Classroom section for their AP class. This allows me to order them an exam, via the College Board registration and ordering system. This needs to be taken care of before November 11th, 2020. Students who join their AP Classroom after the November 11th deadline will be subject to the late fee mentioned above.

** Step Two: Each student must have a parent/guardian/person who is paying for the exam, login to their Infinite Campus account and pay the fees for each exam. To pay by credit card , visit Infinite Campus and select the School Store tab from the options on the left side of the screen. Click “View” on the Armstrong High School icon, and then select the AP Testing option. Add each appropriate AP Exam to your cart, and complete your transaction. If you run into any issues, please reach out to me via email.

The AP Classroom portion [Step one above] of the exam registration process will be handled at school by your student and their AP teacher. But, feel free to ask them if they’ve created a College Board account and enrolled in AP Classroom for their corresponding AP Courses.

Students in AP classes which begin 2nd semester:
You will have until mid-March 2021 to complete Step One and Two above, and to decide if you want to take the exam or cancel your registration. If you decide to cancel by the March deadline, your fees will be refunded.

Why do we take AP exams?
The expectation for students in AP classes is that you take the AP test in May for several reasons:
1) It provides an end goal for you as you learn about your subject(s).

2) It is an opportunity to earn college credit or placement at many universities. Credit policies of all colleges
and universities are on the College Board website:

3) Most importantly, the rigor you experience while preparing for the exam will prepare you to get into college,
and thrive once you’re there. At AHS, we want you to get into the college of your dreams and succeed!

How much does the exam cost?
This year we are able to offer exams for $60 each. Students who qualify for F/R Lunch status will pay a reduced portion of that fee. Students needing financial assistance can contact me directly to work out those details. Again, students who register and pay before the November 11th deadline will pay $60 per exam. Those registering and paying after the deadline will pay $90 per exam.

Why does the test cost so much?
The College Board sets the price of the test and the actual cost is $94 per exam. Fortunately, the state of Minnesota subsidizes around $35 per exam to reduce the cost. Yes, the test costs a lot of money, but if you compare that to 4 credits at $500 each at a typical state school, you are spending approximately $60 to potentially earn thousands of dollars worth of college credit.

Please email me if you have any questions regarding anything AP related.

–Mr. Dotter