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Armstrong Parent Association (APA)


As parents/guardians of Armstrong High School students, you are already members of the APA.  

The focus of the APA is to provide volunteers and support to Armstrong High School and to build student, parent and school community. 

We also promote Falcon Spirit and Pride and support equitable access to activities, athletics and services.

The focus of the APA was updated following the Fall 2021 survey.

We do so through:

  • Guest Speakers and Community Resources
  • Scholarships through the Activity Office
  • Homecoming Parade and Tailgate Picnic
  • Meals and events to support and appreciate Staff
  • Volunteers throughout the year: Media Center, Biology Dept, Dances and more
  • Senior Decision Day Recognition
  • Project Request Grants for Staff and Student Groups

You can contact us through our general email:

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*Booster Clubs, Parent-Teacher-Student Organizations (PTO) and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) are separate entities from the school district. They are typically formed as non-profit organizations. For the full information on guiding principals go to our Booster-PTO-PTA Accounting and Operations page.