Robbinsdale Area Schools
High School

Conference Information

Conferences are scheduled in advance to meet with your teacher. Sign ups for the Novemeber 23rd conference ended on November 19th.  If you did not schedule a conference we encourage you to email your students teachers directly for information in regards to your student, or to set up another time to meet.  Sign ups are sent to families via our Falcon's Nest Newsletter. 

Conference Dates

  1. November 23rd
  2. February 18th
  3. March 4th 
  4. April 22nd 

How to Use Zoom for Conferences Video

Zoom Codes for Conference Night 11/23

Reminder you must sign in with your students Rdale email address and password at in order to use Zoom for conferences.  Email addresses from outside the Robbinsdale system will be blocked from entering the conference. We are sorry for the inconvenience.